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Qualified Agents Who Do More Than Sell Homes

Dexter M. McKinley
RE/MAX Integrity Real Estate — Building Relationships
Co-Founder — DVNT for the Children

Dexter M. McKinley is a husband, brother, and son who enjoys motivating others to discover their potential. He is a real estate broker with strong marketing skills and sales experience. When he's not buying and selling property, he sings and writes music. He is a follower of Christ as well as a missionary, investor, leader, and mentor.

Dexter was adopted from Haiti at the age of 13 by a God-loving American family. They showed him how to be giving and most importantly, taught him about God. He was old enough to remember where he came from and the poverty plaguing his country. He dreamed of someday returning to his beloved country to create opportunities and to make life better for his people. He met and married his beautiful wife, Sandra, and together, they returned to Haiti. She shared her real estate dream with Dexter, and so together they established DVNT for the Children — an organization to help sustain orphaned children. Through that, RE/MAX Integrity Real Estate was born.

Dexter McKinley

Sandra McKinley

Sandra L. McKinley
RE/MAX Integrity Real Estate — Building Win-Win Working Relationships
Co-Founder — DVNT for the Children

A real estate broker for 11 years, as well as a devoted mother, daughter, and wife; Sandra L. McKinley is a follower of Christ and missionary who believes in holistic health. She is also a painter, artist, entrepreneur, investor, and licensed REALTOR®.

Sandra and her husband, Dexter, traveled to Haiti in 2013 for their first mission trip. They intended to build a potable water system, but soon realized their mission was to build an orphanage instead. They continued to search for ways to fund their work, which led them to what they already knew — real estate. In Haiti, where their hearts feel at home, agents need structure, and buyers and sellers need new systems for land sales and ownership. Together, Sandra and Dexter, are creating and implementing new ways where people can buy and sell with ease. From this, and God's Will, RE/MAX Integrity was created.

Luc Abelard Gason
Agent Immobilier
509-3755-8712 (also available on WhatsApp)

Luc is a Haitian national, born in Camp-Perrin in the south of Haiti. Luc is a believer in Christ, married, and the father to three sons.

He has been a real estate professional since 1991 representing residential buyers and sellers. He studied computer science and is fluent in French, as well as English.

Luc Gason

Josue Theodore

Josue Theodore
Agent Immobilier
Email: (also available on WhatsApp)

Josue Theodore has been working in the real estate business for over 7 years and has had great success helping buyers and sellers local and international buying and selling real estate in Haiti. If you are currently looking for someone who can represent you with truth and transparency, Josue Theodore is your guy!

Emmanuel Moneoeur
Agent Immobilier
718-450-1222 (also available on WhatsApp)

Emmanuel has been in real estate since 2004 and has a passion to helping people find their perfect home. Emmanuel is looking forward to working as an agent at Re/MAX Integrity Real Estate hoping to provide top service buyers/sellers who are looking to invest in Haiti.


Frantz C. Bernadin

Frantz C. Bernadin
Real Estate Entrepreneur, Consultant/ Buyer, & Property Management Specialist
RE/MAX Integrity Real Estate - Director Of Hospitality - Building Builders For Win-Win Battles!
Phone: +509-3719-7765

Frantz C. Bernadin is a motivated young entrepreneur whose passion is
investing in himself and others. He believes that only the development of people
is truly sustainable. Passionate about reading and business, he firmly believes
that everything he embraces is possible. people motivator, dream builder and he
is a candidate to be the success driven coach in Haiti.

He joined RE/MAX with the enthusiastic dream of making a difference in real
estate in Haiti by regaining trust, building relationships and create comfortable
and motivated investors! He claims: “Real estate is amazing when you buy and
sell with someone who knows that your protection comes first!” Property management and buy secure transactions is his strength and he’s dedicated in helping anyone make a great deal buying the hugest opportunity of his life, securely and legally!

Above all, he is a cool guy! Friendly and moral, responsible and dedicated! Feel
free to contact me for anything having to do with REAL ESTATE!

Emmanuel Seraphin
RE/MAX Integrity Real Estate | Real Estate Agent / Listing Specialist

Emmanuel Seraphin is a young entrepreneur, born in kenscoff, West of Haiti.
He’s been practicing real estate for 10 years ago. He affiliated with RE/MAX Integrity real estate in June 2017 after attending an outstanding seminar! Since then, He’s part of his professional team that promotes real estate in Haiti. He is highly gifted with many other professions such as technical agronomy and Dressmaking. He’s so proud of the way that God uses him to manage his entourage, He loves and is ready to talk to people, sharing advices to those who really want to get more. He’s passionate about music, reading and sport. Socially active, he’s the founding member of APERDEK-H (Association Des Penseurs réunis Pour Le Developpement De Kenscoff-Haiti) and of “KYF” (Kindom Youth Foundation) and many other organizations. He’s friendly, transparent, upright, and serious. I intend to have my home in May day and formalize my company has its multiple functions. To conclude, I intend to spend my whole life, as David said in the house of GOD, for his service, and also to practice the real estate that is an obligation for the man to work to.

Emmanuel Seraphin

Vilsaint Hallgoph

Vilsaint Hallgoph
RE/MAX Integrity Real Estate – Real Estate Agent/Buyer specialist
Phone number: +509 4459-3651
Available on: Whatsapp, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Google +, Instagram, messenger.

Vilsaint Hallgoph was born in Cap-Haitien. Young and gifted, He learns and develops many skills in English, French, computer and also electricity. Creative, He’s used to be responsible of social activities and engaged in leadership development! He’s a believer of God, lover of nature and a passionate of music, movie, reading and sport, Passions that make him dream of traveling to different countries and becoming the entrepreneur that the world has ever known and helping people who are in poverty. Practicing Real estate for over 3 years, He’s been trained through RE/MAX since June 2017 and is now a brilliant buyer consultant, a qualified agent ready to help in any real estate decisions! Proud to help people find their perfect home! Feel free to contact Hallgoph! He’s friendly and open!